Well, back from one place and soon on to another, though this one is closer to home…well it will be our new home, though we’ve lived there before. This is something that was knocking around in my head, an extremely short horror story with some supertnatural undertones. It’s less than 800 words and I was trying to get a rythm with the dialogue rather than any type of description, don’t know if it worked or not.


A chill night breeze came off the lake, bringing with it the musty stench of weed and the smell of stagnant duck shit.
He sat back in the deeper shadows of the trees; a half moon hung in the sky and the stars glittered above the distant glow of the street lamps.

“She’ll come. I called and she’ll come,” he muttered, “I know she’ll come.” He shifted into a slightly more comfortable position on the park bench.
“She’s not coming Bro’.”
“Shut the fuck up!” his hands writhing in his lap violently. “She’ll come because I called, so just shut-fucking-UP!”
“Woah dude! Less of the heavy vibe. You still think this hoodoo shit works? It don’t bro’. You fucked up in the head.”
“SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! You never shut up, you fuck! You always try and put me down, but not this time. Ohh no! not this time.”

A few leaves pattered down and he closed his jacket against the cold.

“I called and called and I know she’ll come. Not like the last one, where I had to keep going to her place and her work and watch her at the library and the mall. No, not like her; and she was squishy.”
“What kinda word is squishy bro’ ?”

“Shut up.”

“Kinda stupid kinda fucking word.”

“Shut up.”

“Kinda baby kinda fuckin’ word.”

“Just, you know, sayin’ dude.”
“Cunt! You never back me up. You always find some way to spoil it.”
“Now is that any kinda language bro’?” You think you’re honey’s gonna get down to that kinda language?”

He shifted on the bench again, he could feel the gift he had bought for her, hard in his jacket pocket; and he looked along the gray path that led to the park entrance. He knew she would come this way. She had to it was the most logical route.

He felt another thing getting hard down in his pants. The anticipation was getting to him. He hoped that she wouldn’t feel it when he finally embraced her that would be a little embarrassing. Actually, he half-hoped she would and that it would excite her too.
“Woah! Bro’s got some wood on. A half board in yer tighty-whities there man.”

“Fuck’s sake! Don’t you ever give it a rest? Can’t you let me have one private moment? Something that is mine?”

“I’m never gonna get off your case dude. Not after what you did to me. You deserve worse than I can give you bro’–much worse.”

He hung his head down knowing that his brother was right. He should never have done…he still couldn’t bring himself to face it head on. He should never have put himself and his brother in this position. He was ashamed; his brother had been his first, shown him the way, as it were. Now he was paying the price for that.

“I’m sorry. Yes, you’re right. I deserve this. But don’t tell me you don’t get off on this as well.”

“Beside the point, bro’. The only joy to this existence is ranking you out and seeing you stick it to the hotties. But that ain’t as satisfying dude.”

“Yes, yes. Now shush.”
He had heard the distant grate of metal against metal of the gate and he knew she had arrived. Oh yes. He rose from the bench and stepped into the deeper shadow of the tree that it was under. He would surprise her. God! How he would surprise her.
He could see her coming up the path, he took in the smells of the night, the half-moon and the stars glinting off the surface of the lake, their lights shattered into a million sparks by the ripples. The distant hum of the cars over on the highway and the occasional ‘rumf’ of a dog in the far away.

Her shoes clock-clocked on the asphalt of the path and he could see she was humped down into her coat, her hands thrust deep into her pockets against the chill of the night. No matter, soon he would make her feel all warm and snuggley.

He felt the presence of his brother close behind him as gentle as another night breeze.

“Do her slowly bro’. Make her wiggle. I like it when they wiggle and squirm.”

“Yes,” said his brother. “Yes. I can do that.”

The moon glinted off the flat metal of the gift he had brought for her as he slipped it from his pocket.
He stepped forward poised to spring from his hiding place, a grin on his face at the thought that he had called her and she had come.

“Boy. Is she ever gonna be surprised,” he thought.


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