I spent last weekend at the beach house with my family and decided to take the rest of the week off from writing, so no new updates on any of the continuing stories ( that doesn’t mean that they’re stalled, as I have pretty much got the next phase down and pat in my head and Monday it’s back into the saddle again to get them out by Friday.


I also spent most of the week watching old sci-fi and horror movies and was amazed at, even though many of them had terrible effects(though this was a question of the time period and not restriction on the imagination of the creators), they were far more imaginative than a lot of the crap that passes for sci-fi and horror these days. There seems to be an inverse ratio between available money and creativity. The less you have of one the more you have of the other. Some gems I watched this weekend were:


Night of the Blood Beast


The Tingler

The Day the Earth Stood Still ( The far superior original)

The Blob

The Creeping flesh


Phew! Sure, a couple of them made me laugh ( Night of the Blood Beast) but when you looked at the story it was actually pretty sophisticated thinking.


Anyway, I’ve got a coupe of other stories that I’m working on as well, that popped into my head during the week ( or as Stephen King would say, “The fornit shat on my head”).




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